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Faction Brewing

2501 Monarch Street
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 523-2739 or 523-BREW


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Donation requests

If you are requesting a donation, email with the subject line: DONATION REQUEST. Include your charity name, 501.C3 letter, and your letter of request.

A minimum 60 days notice is required prior to the event for consideration. Donations without the 501.C3 letter will not be considered. Faction can only donate to 501.C3 foundations, and we do our best to focus on local Alameda and Oakland schools and charities, though this is not necessarily a requirement. We must also adhere to strict ABC regulations and may not be able to donate your requested item or beer for your event.

We do not sponsor teams or non-501.C3 organizations. Please, do not send multiple requests.

Please keep in mind that Faction Brewing receives hundreds of donation requests each month and unfortunately may not be able to accommodate all requests.